Safaricom CEO promises investigation over alleged scams in online promos


Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore has finally responded to a blog post that claims the telco has been scamming its customers through its promotions.

Collymore responded to the blog post by replying to a tweet by Kennedy Mureithi ‏(@KenMureithi) using his personal twitter account. Mureithi posted a short message to Collymore’s twitter page where he also tagged both of Safaricom’s official twitter handles and put a link to the particular blog post.

‏@KenMureithi tweeted: “I would want to know what @SafaricomLtd @Safaricom_Care and @bobcollymore got to say …”

In response, Collymore stated that the problem had been noted and would be dealt with.

@bobcollymore tweeted: “@kenmureithi My team is carrying out a detailed investigation and I’ll comment thereafter. @safaricom_care @safaricomltd.”

The blog post, written by the Murram Road Chronicles’ blogger, Eugene Kaana, alleges that Safaricom has been using its promotional competitions to scam its unwitting customers, with the latest, an online competition by Safaricom, branded; #SafFunFriday, causing the bloggers furry.

“On a bright Friday afternoon, I Kaana, son of Kaana was scrolling through the time line minding my own business, retweeting this and that, favouriting this and that when suddenly a certain hash-tag caught my eye, The #SafFunFriday, I could see from their timeline how the winners were being notified of their success, so I clicked one handle belonging ‘winner’….I Collapsed.” The post reads.

“The curious me decided to click on the handles of them lucky tweeps so that I can learn the tactics they used to be the winners in a competition that has more than 200,000+ tweeps,” states the post.

“My Theory? All these online winners are parody accounts created by Safaricom, so they make you use your resources to take part in these little games and in the end they get your money and they keep that prize money that you thought you were competing for. Bob I am disappointed in you, the only thing that can make me forgive you right now is you sponsoring me to shoot a video,” it concludes.

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