Role of AI in cyber defense


As the world becomes more and more technologically adept, with online interfaces, and networks making up a large portion of the worlds information, it is only logical to think about the threats that the data, and these interfaces face. The grander the scale of operations, the grander the threat towards them. Frequently, AI is used to make certain defensive aspects of cybersecurity more wide-reaching and effective.

According to doctor Aprielle, “A fundamental role of AI in cyber defence revolves around proactive investigation of forensics and the sealing of loopholes” Before Dr Bright went on to display how easy it is to hack into various devices.

Through the progression of the digital era. Data breaches, ID theft and even forms of malware have been affecting millions of individuals as well as organizations. The obstacles have been endless in coming up with the right controls and procedures and implementing them with acute reliability for tackling cyber-attacks and crimes. The speed of processes and the amount of data to be used in protecting against the cyber space cannot be handled by humans without considerable automation. That leads to the understanding that this situation can be handled by applying methods of artificial intelligence that provide flexibility and learning capability to software curbing attacks to the core.


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