Reshape Awards honor 3D designs in IN(3D)USTRY


Reshape Awards has intensified its focus to promote research, design and the production of digital ideas, alongside exploring technological applications in the society.

In its competition comprising two categories: Wearable Electronic Devices and Product Design. The product category focuses on designers’ interest in giving solutions that promote well-being.

The awards ceremony, scheduled for the 18th October 2018 and organised by Noumena, IN(3D)USTRY and Fira de Barcelona is lined to host 20 of the 105 submitted projects.

Of interest is a section that includes a wide array of applications ranging from sports articles to medical devices. Reshape challenges manufacturers and designers to submit products capable of relating to the physical and digital worlds, while other design concepts must take into account the social impact of their production and the consumption cycle.

Participants in the wearable technology section are invited to create a garment or gadget which respects the environment and provides health benefits. Products which provide solutions for problems related to breathing, pollution, poor postures and stress.

Ten finalists from each category will then present and display their projects on the main IN(3D)USTRY stage, throughout the three days of the event. The winners of the fourth awards will be announced in the evening of the 18th at a ceremony that will also serve to bid farewell to IN(3D)USTRY.

“Our intention is to promote exchange of ideas with innovation as the keynote, publicising real projects by emerging designers who foresee the huge potential that the joint forces of technology and retail will generate in the not too distant future,” notes Aldo Solazzo, Reshape Director.

Miquel Serrano, Director of IN(3D)USTRY, believes that Reshape is a highly valuable event for the whole digital ecosystem, that enables people to learn more about the potential applications of innovative technologies while bringing emerging talents into contact with key players in the industrial.

The event draws together a panel of 11 judges from 5 nations with proven experience. The 11, who have distinguished track records, will be responsible for choosing the two winning projects.

The judges include Alja Ter burg, project manager at Adidas, Anastasia Pistofidou, director of the FabTextiles textile innovation laboratory, Valerio Parisi, head of sales at Luxottica, and Alessandro Manetti, principal of the IED design school among others.

Projects that reach the finals will, like customarily, be exhibited at the Design Museum of Barcelona and at the Roca Gallery in Lisbon. They’ll also be showcased in various Maker Faire events in Rome and Shenzhen as well as FABX in Chile and MIT Boston.


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