Ready Yourself With Redington

Digital transformation is here like a tidal wave, and it is forcing astronomical changes to the business landscape. The new market reality...


Ready Yourself With Redington

Digital transformation is here like a tidal wave, and it is forcing astronomical changes to the business landscape. The new market reality calls for services that are so fast paced, that it is near impossible to satisfy customer needs. Or is it? Redington is not only satisfying those needs, but it is driving a whole new level of change as to how the customer plays a role in the digital transformation.

Redington is at the forefront of bringing transformation to the way IT consumption takes place in the region. From being just value added distributors, they have developed an avatar that helps partners not only with their enablement needs, Marketing services but also provide them access to world class consultancy services that they can deploy for their end customers.

Not only that, but Redington have developed state-of-the-art innovation centres spread out across UAE, KSA, Kenya and Nigeria.

These centres are leveraged for showcasing the latest technologies to the partner and end customer communities. Connected to the specialized training centers, the Red Vault shows technology in action, bringing technology closer than ever.


What’s interesting about this is that, yes Redington is driving the change in the way digital services are consumed, but they are also building and intertwining a base of tech savvy customers.

Today, customers expect relevant content in relation to what they’re doing anytime, anywhere and in the format and on the device of their choosing. Meaning that it is the customers preferences that dictate the digital strategy, Redington has understood this and taken full advantage of it, enabling industry leading services. This is the reason why they are your go-to for transformation strategies.

What’s more, these new digital technologies have caused a shift in customer expectations, resulting in a new kind of modern buyer. The new buyer is constantly connected, app-native, and aware of what they can do with technology.

Because of the opportunities that rise from using modern technology, customers often rate organizations on their digital customer experience first. When it comes to Redington, their digital customer experience is second to none.


Redington have sponsored the approaching CIO100 Awards and Symposium. The event will unfold virtually. The 100, in CIO100, represent a culmination of organizations and their commendable teams who use smart technology to their inventive advantages which then transcend into growth of business value, economy, interpersonal relationships with various customers and overall digital enhancement of the market.

The CIO100 Symposium and Awards will offer invaluable insights on the innovative tactics used by top tech people, and company’s, in today’s historically demanding environment. Plus, details of innovative projects that are positioning companies for current and longer-term success. CIO100 holds a space for the narrative of the industry, telling its stories through technologies.

With a changing technology landscape being the playing ground, through the CIO100 Symposium and awards, the linking together of industry players and connecting them with engaging workshops on various aspects affecting information, technology, and insights will be well received. Plus, the learning of new automation and ways in which they can be used to drive the digital transformation.

In its 11th year and still going strong, the CIO100 Awards fete 100 organisations that have shown outstanding results for leveraging technology to innovate ways of delivering business value, in a two-day summit.


The Awards recognise excellence in the adoption and use of ICT, awarding both the organisation and the Chief Information Officer (CIO), or an equivalent in the organisation. The winners of the CIO100 Awards are recognised at the CIO100 Symposium and Awards, a two-day high energy celebration of IT excellence, marked with networking opportunities and knowledge sharing that acknowledges the mark of enterprise excellence in the region.

Register for the CIO100 Awards and Symposium here.


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