Pwani Teknowgalz Launches A First Technology Space For Girls In Mombasa

The girls-in-technology space will help nurture technical talents among girls and young women in Mombasa and its environs.

Pwani Teknowgalz opens a girls-in-technology space in Mombasa

Pwani Teknowgalz has opened a girls-in-technology space in Mombasa to provide girls and young women with a safe space to acquire employable technology skills and participate in the digital economy.

Located opposite AAR health Center Mombasa, along Moi Avenue, the girls’ space is a great milestone for the organisation.

“We have had this vision for over five years since we started our impactful work of equipping girls and young women with technology skills in Mombasa,” said Ruth Kaveke, Director and Co-Founder Pwani Teknowgalz. “We are thrilled that the space will empower women.”

At the launch, CodeHack students whose physical learning was cut short due to the pandemic were welcome. CodeHack is one of the initiatives by Pwani Teknowgalz that aims at training and equipping young women from marginalized communities with employable coding skills.

Ruth Kaveke, during the official opening of the space, encouraged the girls to utilize their time well in the space. “The equipment in the lab is meant for you to utilize. Make sure you use your time well to learn, and always feel free to ask your mentors questions in the process. We are here to support you in your journey of acquiring technical skills,” she added. “The space is a safe space, and will help you realize your full potential by building your skills.”

Joan Nabusoba, the Professional Development Director, reiterated to the young women that coding skills are acquired by putting practice in the learning hours. “You learn coding by doing. This requires you to invest your time in learning, and I am glad that we have a space that is well equipped for you,” she said. She further stated that she is willing to support the girls all through their learning process.

The young women shared their different learning experiences during the pandemic, expressing their happiness for coming back to continue learning.

“During the pandemic, I enrolled in one of the Pwani Teknowgalz’ coding classes and created my own mobile app. I am happy to come back and share this. I am now learning different coding skills through the Coders at American Spaces program”, said Lina Mwakitawa, a CodeHack student.

Another student, Lorah Mwandoe stated that the pandemic posed the challenges to access to computers. “I couldn’t practice well because there wasn’t a computer I could use, but I am happy now. I will come to the space and follow up with the videos from Pwani Teknowgalz’ training and practice what was taught,” she said.

Latifa Noor, Communications Director at Pwani Teknoegalz said that she is eager to help and create a healthy space for them to acquire skills. My wish is for you to be healthy both physically and mentally. I am ready to support you on both technical and personal issues,” Latifa intimated.

A former student, Zalia, was there to encouraged them to learn, and share what they have learned with fellow young women. She said, “Madam Ruth, Aisha, and Joan were a pillar to my success, and now I am able to come back to Pwani Teknowgalz as a director and share what I acquired all these years. I encourage you to do the same. Learn, and be willing to give back and inspire other young women.”

The Pwani Teknowgalz team will continue with its programs both physically and virtually in the learning space. Programs that will start in the week after the launch include Technovation challenge, coding classes, Coders at American Spaces Kenya, and CodeHack.

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