Publiseer expands into Kenyan Market to digitally support local creatives

Chidi Nwaogu, co-founder and CEO of Publiseer. Credits:The Spirited Hub

Publiseer made its second expansion, and this time it is expanding into Kenya to digitally support local creatives.

The digital publishing company’s new presence in Kenya will ensure Whatsapp and voice-call customer support is offered to Kenyan writers and musicians through +254 740 767977.

“We are expanding our presence to Kenya because it has a fast-growing publishing and music industry, and we want to be there during the boom. We’ll also be expanding into South Africa soon,” says Chidi Nwaogu, co-founder and CEO of Publiseer.

Publiseer launched in Nigeria in 2017, with the aim of distributing, protecting and monetizing digital contents of Nigerian creatives worldwide.

However, the digital publishing company knew that the problem they are solving isn’t just experienced by Nigerian creatives, but by creatives in the entire continent, so the plans for expansion were always in the picture. The company started the expansion process in August this year moving to Ghana.

“When you look at the creative contents on well-established digital stores like Amazon, Google Play and Apple store, you’ll notice that there is an imbalance when comparing the proportion of African content to that of the western world. This was one of the many reasons we created Publiseer, which is to promote the creativity of the African people to the rest of the world,” added Chidi Nwaogu.

Recently, the digital publisher was welcomed into Ally, an exclusive Google program that virtually connects promising, tech-enabled, emerging market startups with the “Diaspora+” to close expertise and funding gaps.

Startups are matched with an ally whose experience and expertise could help them and their product. Publiseer was one of the few African startups selected to join the Ally matching pilot.


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