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East Africa IOT & AI Summit 2019 Presentations




East Africa IOT & AI Summit 2019 Presentations


  • Opening RemarksLaura Chite, CEO, CIO East Africa
  • Keynote Address – Jack Ngare, MD, Africa Development Centre, Microsoft 
  • Upscaling the IoT Ecosystem in East AfricaBen Roberts, Group CTIO, Liquid Telecom
  • Artificial Intelligence and Data Protection – Kyle Hunking, Regional Sales Manager for East and West Africa at AVIGILON
  • How to start your IoT and AI Journey?Nyimbi Odero, CEO, Nyimbi Inc
  • Deriving Value from IOT & Machine Learning – Alois Mbutura, Co-Founder, KAIOTE
  • Laying Ground for IoT Innovation in East AfricaWilfred Waithaka, Regional Chief Technical Officer, Liquid Telecom, East Africa
  • Demonstration:Leveraging IoT with AI in solar Energy ProductioN – David Svarrer, CEO, Rational Intuitive
  • Without PlumbingRobert Yawe, CEO, Synaptech Solutions
  • IoT and AI are Easy!Ben Mann, COO, IBM East Africa
  • Is my factory smarter than yours?Bernard Rono, Head of ICT, Ketepa Limited
  • Supporting the agribusiness using IoT and AI – Robert Koech
  • Centralized monitoring system for containers on the road – Alvaro Gutierrez, Director Operations, Pango
  • Impact of AI on Market ResearcH – Kate Njoroge, Client Service Director, Kantar Insights & Mary Ondieki, Kantar, Account Director, Kantar Insights
  • Predicting when, where, what farmers are growing via IoT – Andrew Denu, Product Manager, SunCulture
  • How IoT is re-inventing asset tracking and logisticsEdith Njeru, COO, Transport Solutions
  • Driving Digital Transformation through AI  – Lawrence Muthoga, Breadth & Community Engagement Manager, Microsoft4Afrika
  • IoT: A three-layer cakeDeon Du Preez, GTM Lead IoT, Dimension Data
  • Assessing the Business Value of AI – Monicah Wambugu, Product Manager, Ajua
  • AI and distributed systems will power a paradigm shift in digital trust – Dr. Bastian Blankenburg, CTO, UTU
  • The Role of IoT in Asset TrackingKenneth Ogwang, CIO, East Africa Breweries Limited 
  • The Role of Humans in an AI-driven WorldMichael Michie, Head of IT, Triple OK Law
  • Building IoT Applications: Live DemonstrationAhmed Maawy, Software Engineer, BRCK
  • IoT and AI in Healthcare – Becky Abraham, Pathways International
  • Transformative Education with AI – Oscar Correia, Director of Technology, Maarifa Education
  •  IOT & AI PITCH: Allan Tollo, CEO, My Fugo
  • IOT & AI PITCH: Rapogi High School
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