Pinnacle Introduces LaCie Premium Storage Range

Pinnacle introduces a new storage device called LaCie


Originating in 1989, LaCie is a premium storage brand forming part of Seagate technology. Specially designed for photographers, videographers, audio professionals, and various other power users, the brand sets a strong focus on ensuring their products not only look good, but offer long-term reliability.

Thanks to LaCie’s in-house innovation centers, product-line manufacturing and technical support, they are able to better understand the needs of their customers and consistently be best-in-class and first-to-market in executing the latest innovations. LaCie understands that memories are irreplaceable and your external storage device needs to provide you with full peace of mind, therefore all LaCie professional desktop solutions feature durable aluminium enclosures, high-quality hard drives or SSDs, and components that are built to keep your memories and hard work safe.

Taking travellers and harsh destinations into consideration, LaCie developed their Rugged® portable hard drive range in 2005. Drop, crush and rain resistant, professionals can rest assured knowing their trusted data is safely locked away in this tough vault. Available in portable, with Thunderbolt, and/or USB Type C connectivity, the storage capacity ranges up to 5TB.

If you are looking for something more on the lavish side, LaCie has you covered with their range of Mobile Portable Drives available with USB-C and USB 3.0 compatibility. With storage capacity ranging up to 5TB, trying to decide which valuable documents to delete is a thing of the past. Due to the drives 30th anniversary diamond-cut design and sleek aluminium finishes, this unit will be an eye catcher at any occasion.

For your Direct-attached storage (DAS) needs you will definitely find the LaCie Professional RAID Systems useful. A docking station with a variety of port and card slots, this unit was designed to ensure you have everything you need no matter what industry you work in. What differentiates this solution from Network-attached storage solutions is the fact that the LaCie Big range connects via Thunderbolt or USB Type C directly as opposed to a network port, making this a great option if you are looking to increase your storage. These units come pre-populated in various different capacity configurations, utilising Seagate Iron Wolf and Iron Wolf Pro Drives, and offer ease of use in terms of their plug and play functionality.

Ensuring that LaCie covers any user’s needs, all the products are compatible with MAC and Windows operated units.

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