Pexip, Logitech to offer fully automated video meeting experiences using wireless NFC technology


Pexip has teamed up with Logitech to provide enhanced visual meeting experiences for joint enterprise customers. Now, users can automatically join video meetings from any Logitech and Pexip equipped meeting room without the need to manually dial-in.

All one has to do is to hold their NFC-enabled phone up against a compatible Logitech ConferenceCam and they are automatically connected to the correct meeting.

“The entire process of joining video meetings for any user in any room can now be automated.” said Åsmund O. Fodstad, Pexip CEO. “Simply walk into a meeting room, put down your mobile phone, and you are automatically joined into the meeting. No dialing, no remote controls, no hassles. You just join.” said Åsmund O. Fodstad, Pexip CEO. “The millions of minutes that are wasted every day as people struggle to join meetings via their so-called easy-to-use solutions are a thing of the past. With Pexip and Logitech, all that wasted time can now be used productively instead.”

The combination of Logitech’s ConferenceCam line of videoconferencing cameras and endpoints and Pexip’s Infinity Connect Mobile app automatically connects the user to the meeting. Wireless NFC (Near Field Communications) technology enables users to simply place their phone next to the Logitech device; the rest is automated.

According to Roopam Jain, Industry Director, Enterprise Communications and Collaboration at Frost & Sullivan, it is estimated that on an average meeting participants waste anywhere from 10 to 20 percent of video meeting time due to challenges with connecting and getting technically ready. “User friendly technology that automates the joining experience, and takes the guesswork out of that task will lead to a tremendous increase in meeting efficiency and productivity”, said Roopam Jain. “With the ongoing growth in huddle rooms and open spaces that are equipped with video conferencing, we are seeing an explosion in the use of video by new users. Pexip and Logitech’s joint solution simplifies the experience and may be just what enterprises need to see the best results from their collaboration investments.”

“We strive to make meeting participation simpler, better and more productive,” said Scott Wharton, general manager of the Logitech Video Collaboration group. “Ensuring our devices work well with the Pexip Infinity platform is a natural step toward accomplishing these objectives for our joint customers.”

Pexip’s Infinity platform ties together enterprise communication solutions such as Microsoft® Skype™ for Business, traditional video and telephone conferencing systems, and web-based communications.


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