Pepper the Robot, speaks on the impact of digitization

Sage regional head (L), Nikki Summers and Pepper the robot, at the CIO100 Awards and symposium.

Through the recent technological strides the country is making, the advent of digitization is no longer heralded as the future, but as the now. Through the ground breaking deliberations that went on at the CIO100 Awards and symposium, it was understood that the business landscape is now steadily evolving to being recognized through online visibility, and multiple sales channels.

Additionally, in a world that is now as fast paced as technology itself, it has become increasingly vital that the core drivers of digital business know their roles, with special regards to time. This in turn, would allow for a rise in innovation whilst increasing efficiency and productivity.

Pepper, a humanoid robot from Sage, having the ability to recognize faces and basic human emotions was introduced on stage by Nikki Summers, regional head of Sage. Pepper then went on to affirm “Digitization has changed previous assumptions, especially regarding time” She then continued “The core drivers of digital business, are fundamentally different from the traditional drivers.”

This goes to show, that digitization plays along the lines of individuals within their respective fields, adapting to become the driving forces behind creating an even wider imprint of digitization across the various economies.



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