Panel discussion: IOT security, confronting the challenges


As the world mulls over the technological strides IOT has brought to the global markets, there is always a varying degree of drawbacks that come accompanied to this notion. At the forefront, is security challenges. With the very nature of the world being uncontrollable, the deployment of IOT devices often make their way into complex and hostile environments.

As more and more IOT devices are thrust into the global market places, it is known that every single device and sensor in the IOT represents a potential risk. This ties into the complex issue of data collection, protection and privacy. Businesses need start now to identify the risk level for their current exposure to the IoT. Paired with where it is going in the future and also think about the privacy and security implications associated with the volume and type of data the IoT will generate.

According to the panelists, which consisted of Mr Nelson Nasongo, Diana Waithanji, Alfred Ongere and Muniu Karanja, moderated by Michael Michie. New insights were brought into the challenges IOT faces in deployment, a major one being the particular perspective of allowing technology to take control of data privacy.

As the IOT interfaces expand in Kenya, to match and support that growth, the infrastructure of Kenya’s technology interfaces will also need to be upgraded. The action of doing this would considerably limit the risk of cyber-attacks and even physical tampering. Allowing for the digital revolution to take full effect


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