Nintendo Will No Longer Make The 3DS

After more than 75million consoles sold worldwide and 10 years after its release, the 3DS has been edged out of production.


Nintendo has officially dropped the 3DS from its console lineup. The company’s Japanese  page listings for the New 3DS LL, New 2DS LL, and 2DS are still live, but each product lists “out of production” under its name, and a message on the main page says that the entire series has ended production.

The 3DS was announced in 2010 and released the following year. It suffered a tumultuous  launch, with low sales and little software upgrades, but started to pick up momentum after a big price slash just a few months after its release.

The 3DS received several revisions throughout its life: the larger 3DS XL, the improved New 3DS, the cut-price 2DS, and finally the sleek 2DS XL. overall, the system can be seen as a success, and helped steer the company through the rocky Wii U years with more than 384 million games sold.


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