Next is now; Artificial intelligence is more than meets the eye

A panel discussion ongoing at a past East Africa IoT and AI Summit

From the basic understanding of it as the science and engineering of making intelligent machines, artificial intelligence (AI) has for ages been used to tackle the hard tasks in manufacturing industries, mining sites, institutions etc. People however take these machines for granted because they do not directly interact with human emotions.

The interaction between humans and machines may have seemed like a fantasy before, but today the reality of robots, machines to machine communication or even to machine to human communication enables for a somewhat peaceable co-existence. Maybe machines will not stop at communications to humans but also advance to even marrying them in future?

Can you imagine a world with the population of robots?

The fearful truth about Artificial intelligence

Machine taking whole control of tasks as humans may not be practical albeit their able to work on their own and pay their own taxes just like humans. Automation of tasks can be obvious but may seem far from the Artificial General Intelligence (AGI).

With immense research being imposed in institutions, military laboratories and government top secret sites on artificial Intelligence about better foundations to build AI models, the future everyone hopes for is smart cities full of autonomous cars, sensors everywhere to collect data and even buildings learning how to adapt and interact with the environment.

As Professor Stuart Russell from Berkley University says “The robot is not going to want to be switched off because you’ve given it a goal to achieve and because being switched off is a way of failing.”

Intelligent robots will not need to be conscious to turn against humanity, maybe they could take over world leadership and have humans submitting to the new world orders.

As Robinson Muiru, the Founder Computer Engineering Forum & AIClue and an AI researcher puts it, “The rise of Robots would end the human race.”

He is particular about human jobs are done by robots who do not need rest thus work now 24/7 and mentions a myriad of dangers preempted to the human race by themselves following the innovation of artificial intelligence and machinery to mimic human abilities.

“Jobs would be lost to machines, human killings would rise to unimaginable numbers following wars between humans and robots, robots fighting so hard to keep themselves powered on. It foretells a revolution with no end,” adds a skeptical Muiru.

Muiru subscribes to the school of thought that believes in not troubling trouble lets it troubles you, though I relate and understands where he is coming from.

To date, a lot of people sit on the fence regarding the subject automating machines. Different scholars have reported on the matter with explicit distinctions some pro and others against automation. An educba study on the comparison of human and artificial intelligence reported Artificial intelligence as not meant to lead the Human beings, but rather to assist and enhance the power of Human Intelligence.

At a 2-day regional IoT and AI summit curated by CIO East Africa, experts on automation, Artificial intelligence, Internet of things and related technologies will converge to clear the gray areas and discuss the vitality of such technologies or if they are indeed meant to suppress humanity.

The annual event will run at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Nairobi on the 22nd and 23rd August 2019. Be sure to take part in this amazing knowledge escalating event, themed; “Harnessing the Power of IoT & AI to Drive Digital Transformation.

To take part, click here:

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