New partnership will deliver real-time livestock identification, traceability program to Kenya


RippleNami, announced that it has been selected by Kenya Central Bank (KCB) Foundation and Kenya Veterinary Association to deliver a livestock identification and traceability program to Kenya.

Per a press statement, the organizations recognize the role of technology in implementing programs to raise rural incomes in the country, especially for the livestock sector which is dominated by small producers. RippleNami redefines mapping with a blockchain visualization platform that consolidates big data into actionable insights that can affect positive change for the region.

“The ability to geographically visualize the registration of individual animals, farms, holdings, premises and herds enables us to identify risk areas, create disease free zones and to assure livestock traceability for trade and food safety. And the collateralization of livestock assets will enable farmers to achieve higher prices for their livestock and to secure loans for continued growth,” said Dr. Kahariri Samuel, National Chairman of Kenya Veterinary Association.

“RippleNami and KCB Foundation share our commitment to bringing the private and public veterinary services together to offer intuitive methods to visualize data, identify patterns quickly that lead to actionable plans.”

With real-time livestock tracking, the RippleNami rWaves application will provide the platform for an effective national reporting system and enable programs for the prevention and control of livestock diseases.

Leveraging RipleNami’s technology, KCB Foundation and the Kenya Veterinary Association are leading the African livestock industry to improve traditional RFID livestock tagging practices to track livestock movement and to quickly identify disease issues.

“We are honored to see our game-changing platform adopted by innovative organizations like Kenya Veterinary Association and KCB Foundation,” stated Phil Gahn, chief business development officer and founder of RippleNami.

“Because the rWaves real-time mapping application is completely self-service, any organization can quickly visualize and track all their sensitive data assets on any map within days of an installation. By combining advanced intuitive visualization of big data with sophisticated cloud-based, blockchain technology, organizations are leveraging RippleNami’s advanced technology to instantly visualize important geo-assets, create new economic transactional exchanges and provide a uniform data repository platform for an emerging country’s electronic data infrastructure.”

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