Can You Bounce Back Fast From A Cyber Threat?

Cyber resilience is no longer a buzz word. It is a reality. #CIOEAInstech

How fast can you bounce back from a threat?

No system is a complete system without risks. The cyberspace has given society the chance to become more connected, more in tune with the world and with each other. It is nearly impossible to imagine a life without information and technology in this rapidly expanding digital world. In the same sense, it is also nearly impossible to operate in this digital world without a certain degree of threat.

From business experiences such as selling and buying shares, to personal social media posts, information is disseminated incessantly around the cyberspace, meaning the security of the cyberspace is crucial to every enterprise or organisation.

Risks like cybersecurity breach or cyberattacks can cause companies severe damages. These attacks may attempt to destroy, expose, or obtain unauthorised access to computer networks, personal computer devices, infrastructures, or computer information systems

John Mutama

Breaches of digital security such as cyber-attacks can cause companies astronomical damages. These attacks can destroy, expose or even obtain unauthorised access to computer networks, devices, infrastructures and information systems in an unprecedented manner.

This is where cyber resilience steps in. Cyber resilience is the ability of an organisation to prepare, respond, and recover when cyberattacks happen. An organisation has cyber resilience if it can defend itself against these attacks, limit the effects of a security incident, and guarantee the continuity of its operation during and after the attacks.

Cyber resilience is a paradigm shift in cybersecurity — an acknowledgement that attacks on systems are likely to continue and despite best efforts, they will sometimes be successful. With regards to customer support, cyber resilience fundamentally takes into account the needs and expectations of the customers, and ensuring that they have guidance in upgrading, installing, troubleshooting any of the cyber resilience applications so as to ensure business continuity.

John Mutama, Major Account Manager at Fortinet emphasised this by saying, “Innovation is a team effort, but IT is the owner of this innovation.” Furthering the security perspective by reiterating how much money needs to be allocated to the protection of critical infrastructure. In the current digital age, the security of data, applications, and processes is of utmost importance, and the inception of cyber resilience is part and personal of the entire security paradigm that is needed to keep an online infrastructure in place.

In a world as technologically adept as ours, threats should be regarded as mere hiccups in the process of digitisation, especially within the realm of customer support.

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