Nairobi based shared ride provider orders $1M worth of electric motorcycles

the ReVolt electric motorbikes is based on the 1930's BMW R71 motorcycle with sidecar utilized by the German Army in WWII.

Alternet Systems, Inc. recently announced a pilot test of its Revolt Electric Motorcycles in conjunction with a $1 million fleet order for a Nairobi, Kenya shared ride client.

This was announced via a press statement, issued by Alternet Systems, which does not disclose the name of the specific shared ride provider but says that the client delegates will be in the United States next week.

“ALYI management anticipates the electric motorcycle to pass the client’s pilot test and trigger the initiation of the 100-motorcycle order. The pilot test is expected to bode well for two additional client pilot tests triggering an additional $500,000 in orders,” the statement continued.

ReVolt electric motorbikes

ReVolt Electric Motorbikes is a new company conceived by Alternet Systems, Inc.  Alternet is applying its portfolio of lithium battery technologies to empower commercially viable, environmentally sustainable alternatives to existing consumer markets.

ReVolt has partnered with a manufacturing company to first produce a motorcycle based on the 1930’s BMW R71 motorcycle with sidecar utilized by the German Army in WWII.  The ReVolt Classic Electric Motorbike with Sidecar will be powered by an electric motor utilizing an Alternet Systems designed lithium battery solution.

This classic motorcycle design has been seen in countless movies to include The Great Escape staring Steve McQueen, an avid motorcycle enthusiast and racer.  The movie includes a famous motorcycle chase where Steve McQueen rides a German Military motorcycle pursued by German soldiers riding the same.

The pilot ReVolt Classic Electric Motorbike with Sidecar is under construction now and expected to be complete early this summer for evaluation and testing.  ReVolt Electric Motorbikes plans to have a limited production final product ready for the holiday season.  The pilot ReVolt Classic Electric Motorbike will be on display at various trade shows leading up to the holiday season.

ReVolt’s long-term plan to deliver electric motorbikes to developing economic markets

The long-term object of ReVolt Electric Motorbikes is to become a leader in the production of electric motorbikes as daily drivers in the developing economic regions of the world were motorcycles, scooters and mopeds are the primary mode of transportation.

The current global market for motorcycles, scooters and mopeds is approximately 130 million units per year resulting in $120 billion in annual sales.  As per capita income in developing economic regions continues to improve, motorcycle, scooter and moped sales are correspondingly expected to grow.  Global automobile sales in 2018 is expected to reach just 80 million units.

ReVolt Electric Motorbikes strategic plan is to 1.) establish a manufacturing capacity and to 2.) refine the Alternet Lithium Battery Technology through the production and sales of a fun, useful and affordable electric motorbikes based on classic motorcycle designs for the U.S. consumer market.

With a manufacturing capacity established and a lithium battery technology on the market, ReVolt Electric Motorbikes plans to begin delivering a line of daily driver electric motorbikes to developing economic regions.

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