mSurvey unveils its mascot while launching its new offices in Kenya


mSurvey officially launched its new offices in Kenya marking its growth as a company. This follows the launch of the mSurvey office in Nigeria and a funding earlier this year.

While presiding the offices opening, Dr. Bitange Ndemo, Kenya’s former ICT permanent secretary and currently the chairman of Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence Taskforce pointed out that customer experiences is the force behind successful businesses.

“Businesses need to listen to customers then translate customer demands into their (businesses) jobs. This will achieve customer satisfaction and growth of the economy,”  said Dr. Ndemo.

The CEO for mSurvey, Dr. Kenfield Griffith asserted that great businesses should listen to their customers in order to scale. “It’s exciting to be sharing this moment with our partners, as well as our great team as we build the future. We have had great support from investors who share our vision of bringing businesses and customers closer together,”  said Dr. Griffith.

Customers as a Unique Zebra

“mSurvey recognizes that every customer has their own unique experiences and preferences in the same way that every zebra has its own unique stripes. We’re helping today’s leading brands to listen to their customers unique needs in real-time to ultimately improve customer experience and drive revenue growth over time,”  said Dr. Griffith.

Businesses which truly value its customers are able to see each of their customers as a unique individual and not as a crowd of people.

The zebra painted in mSurvey’s unique motif symbolizes the uniqueness of each customer, distinctly standing out from the crowd.

The feedback mascot

mSurvey unveiled its official mascot, dubbed the feedback zebra to help build engagement between businesses and their customers and spread awareness on the importance of customer feedback in a fun way.

The mascot aims to promote businesses which have shown a commitment to customers by using mSurvey’s customer feedback platform and identifying themselves as being careful about their customers.

The mascot will be placed on their premises for a designated duration of time, as proof of the brand actively listening to their customers and acting on their feedback to deliver best in class products and services.

Customers today want to enjoy personalized experiences that they can share. They want to be engaged in a hospitable manner and most of all they want to be empowered. An empowered customer has the ability to give feedback with confidence that it will be acted upon.

Now more than ever, businesses need to create memorable customer experiences before, during and after sale. This helps businesses earn customer loyalty and drive repeat sales. It also boosts customer acquisition and profit growth. Ultimately, using real-time feedback prevents customers from feeling unwelcome and disengaged from their brands.



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