mSurvey appoints Richard Owen to its Board of Directors


mSurvey today announced the appointment of Richard Owen,to its board.

Owen joins the mSurvey board, having been an advisor to the company since 2017, where he has been collaborating with the mSurvey team to deliver Africa’s first ever NPS Masterclass.

Speaking during the appointment, Dr Kenfield Griffith, who is the CEO and Co-founder of mSurvey, expressed his contentment and joy.

“To have the co-creator of NPS join our board is a special day towards the vision of mSurvey as the leading consumer feedback platform on the continent. We’ve been fortunate to have had Richard as an advisor for some time, and he has been instrumental in helping us refine our way of thinking around Net Promoter Score and its evolution in Africa”, commented Dr. Griffith

He continued that Richard’s significant and unrivalled expertise in customer feedback and building customer success industry models, combined with his deep knowledge of leveraging technology to deliver consumer conversations at scale, will stand the company in good stead, as the company grows across the continent.

Speaking after his appointment, Richard Owen pointed out that it was an honor to be joining the mSurvey board.

“From my very first encounter with Kenfield and his team, I was struck by their expertise and passion when it comes to tackling the considerable market opportunity that is connecting consumers with businesses in Africa, mSurvey is leading the way in how real-time consumer feedback is transforming businesses on the continent  by building trust between businesses and consumers, and I’m excited to be part of this journey,” said Owen

mSurvey leads the way in developing in-depth understanding into the African consumer, gathering real-time insights via mobile messaging technologies, with its Voice of the Customer and consumer wallet products, as well as through its successful launch of Net Promoter Score (NPS) in Africa.





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