Mocana announces new security IoT platform


Mocana Corporation, a provider of IoT security solutions for the emerging digital industrial ecosystem, announced the availability of the Mocana IoT Security Platform, a security solution to protect industrial IoT devices, industrial clouds and device-to-cloud communications.

The Mocana platform provides a full-stack solution for securing IoT systems from the endpoint, to the gateway, to the cloud and back again. The platform includes a unique, inside-out hardening approach that ensures endpoint and gateway trustworthiness, data and device integrity, authentication and confidentiality.

“When it comes to mission-critical IoT security, there is no middle-ground or acceptable margin for error. Hackers have demonstrated their ability to get behind firewalls and take over IoT devices. Once a hacker has control of an IoT device or controller behind a firewall, they can wreak havoc by manipulating flow controls, valves, compressors, power systems and engine controls that result in loss of critical services and loss of life,” said William Diotte, CEO of Mocana in a press statement.

He added, “The Mocana IoT Security Platform is the most comprehensive IoT security solution for industrial manufacturers that are concerned about cyberattacks on embedded systems, IoT devices and industrial cloud systems.”

The company also announced new capabilities giving industrial manufacturers the power to leverage hardware-based security technologies and automated digital certificate management to harden devices and effectively enable scalable IoT deployments.

“It has never been a better time to address security in IoT devices at the earliest stages of their development, because attackers are quickly learning that the systems supporting our critical infrastructure are increasingly interconnected,” said Rob Westervelt, research manager, IDC in the press statement.

 He added, “The tools provided by Mocana are rooted in its long history of equipping engineers with the ability to harden devices that perform mission-critical operations. Manufacturers can now be equipped to leverage the power of the embedded chips in their products to support the security and privacy requirements of these emerging data-driven IoT ecosystems.”

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