Microsoft to roll-out Windows 10 Creators Update worldwide on April 11


Microsoft will begin the roll-out of Windows 10 Creators Update from April 11 2017.

Windows 10 Creators Update is a new addition on Windows 10 that was designed to spark and unleash creativity, bringing ideas to life as Windows 10 provides the tools to help you make your mark on the world.

New capabilities coming with the Windows 10 Creators Update will include: 3D for Everyone and Enabling Mixed Reality,  Game Broadcasting is Simple and Interactive with Beam, Microsoft Edge is Faster and Safer with Better Browsing and Entertainment and an Additional Security and Privacy Protections.

“We want to help you make your mark on the world. Microsoft’s company mission is to empower every person and organization on the planet to achieve more. Part of fulfilling that mission is delivering ongoing innovations in Windows 10, Xbox, Surface, Windows Mixed Reality and OEM devices. Innovations that let you create your own path on whatever device you choose,” read a press statement from Microsoft.

Innovations in the Windows 10 Creators Update including 3D and native, interactive, sub-second game streaming will help empower a new wave of experiencing creativity. These innovations will inspire new ways to build, create, play and learn, and transform ideas.

“The Windows 10 Creators Update is the next significant step forward for Windows: it’s more personal, more performant, more productive, and more trusted. For consumers. For enterprises. For schools. For gamers. For everyone,” further read the statement.

With more than 400 million Windows 10 devices worldwide Microsoft aims at making Windows the place you love to create and play, and are working hard to keep you safe and allow you to do things you never thought possible.

The cyber threat landscape today requires an ongoing and relentless focus on security. With this in mind Microsoft will also bring Windows as a service on Windows 10 to help secure the platform.

Starting on April 11, the Windows 10 Creators Update will begin rolling out worldwide. Microsoft also said that with the Anniversary Update, it will roll out to individual devices in a measured, deliberate rollout.

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