Medixus Emerging As The Premier Healthcare App For Medics

Innovation is the name of the game here. This new app is surfing the digital transformation wave, assisting medics in plugging in a hole that will allow the healthcare ecosystem to evolve and take up its mantle as the major harnesser of the digital revolution.


Digital transformation in healthcare has never been so urgent before. The ongoing Pandemic has unearthed the weaknesses and unpreparedness of  healthcare systems across the entire globe. Not surprisingly, digital technologies often successfully address these and other problems in healthcare.

Seemingly, it’s digital technology that helps keep our society running in the times of widespread work from home, social distancing and lockdown. Digital technology in medicine, in turn, plays even a more important role in saving lives and providing adequate health and social care to millions of people in need.

Virtually all the players in the vast and complex healthcare ecosystem are stepping up their digitisation efforts as a result of recurring challenges. The digital bug has infected the healthcare systems.

With the amount of health data for patients increasing exponentially, providers need a digital health platform that will allow them to apply it to care decisions. This digital health platform is no longer an abstract we can talk about for the near future, because it is here.

Medixus is establishing itself as the modern communication tool for medics. The team behind the screen is a team of doctors, researchers and entrepreneurs who have come together to build a solution that will change the way medics collaborate and access knowledge. A firm part of their vision is believing that quality patient care relies on smooth communication between healthcare professionals, and access to resources that will further their development.

Through this, Medixus was born. “We set out to create a platform that allows medics to focus on what matters: patient care – while always having access to the latest medical information at the touch of a button.” reads a statement on their website.

Medixus fills a niche that is not unique, but the country is in dire need of it. Each day, across the globe, healthcare professionals are forced to make split-second clinical decisions with a very limited amount of information. Those decisions directly affect the health and well-being of patients, as well as the cost of care. Digital health applications, such as Medixus, fueled have the power to help medical professionals make those decisions in a more informed way.

Through an app like Medixus, the Kenyan healthcare industry can get a peek into the future of how through digitisation, should the ecosystem evolve. Data remains the key to true digital transformation. With the right information in hand, tomorrow’s healthcare providers will have the ability to make more intelligent, data-driven decisions about care, improving patient outcomes and reducing healthcare costs in the process. Such connectivity – securely and seamlessly bringing together data, people, institutions, systems and applications – is the kind of transformational data-driven technology that will make the healthcare industry fit for the future.

Not only does Medixus provide for better information and communication for medics, it allows for convenience, real time responses, and the ability for a medic to grow their scope in the medical community. Plus, medics are not who they are without patients, the app ensures that some of the most complicated parts of a medics job are simplified. From  patient handover to peer diagnostic support.

This ensures that the medic is always up to speed on their patients and the latest best practices all at their finger tips, letting them focus on delivering high quality patient care.

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