Makini Schools Integrates Fun Sessions Into Its E-Learning Programme

Makini Schools have launched a new phase of upgraded e-Learning programme for Kenyan students.

Young learners from Makini School

Makini Schools recently launched the second phase of a newly designed and more engaging high-quality e-learning offer, to covers revision, life skills, assessments, and new engaging content for keeping learners on track with their educational journeys.

Available to all Preschool, Primary and High School learners, the e-learning offer has been put together to ensure that the ethos of educating children is maintained while continuing to provide excellence in academics.

It incorporates pastoral care, physical education, and clubs with six-week lesson overviews and live online sessions with video and voice tutorials, presentations, offline projects, and assignments.

Commenting on the upgraded e-learning offer, Education Director, Angelica Ouya said, “At Makini Schools we prepare our learners with the skills required to thrive in the 21st century.” “We are now in the new normal and we foresee blended learning, incorporating both contact and e-learning, as the future of education. We make sure to support our learners through our virtual Pastoral Care programme.”

Other important skills acquired at such challenging times include grit and resilience where learners have to take charge of their learning.

The programme further offers the ability to access the teacher when 1-2-1 support is required and engage in activities and clear outcomes that learners find interactive, achievable, and fun-filled to maximize on their educational productivity.

“We believe that our collective success as an educational institution depends on our ability to deliver the best practices in pedagogy,” she added in conclusion.



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