Little Cab & African E Helping Construct Rapidly Growing Tech Industry

This decade is expected to witness more tech collaborations than ever before. Building the tech industry is a major force in the global economy. Kenya is no exception to this new normal. #CIOYearAhead


It is a well-known fact that technology will play a fundamental role in rebuilding, and even enhancing the economy. Think of it this way, the strings of a rubber band, if they are tugged with force, they vibrate at a level that could slingshot an object forward. This is the economy right now. It is vibrating after being tugged at, and it is ready to fling the next technology forward for the entire Kenyan tech space to embrace.

There has been a great deal of speculation about how long it will take the Kenyan economy to recover from the impact of Coronavirus. There are also murmurings about what shape a recovery could take, the baseline understanding of what the shape will embody, definitely includes technology and the digital transformation.

Little Cab and African E have partnered with CIO East Africa for the fast approaching CIO The Year Ahead Forum. It will take place virtually on 4 February, and will draw together users, analysts, vendors, business and professional associations, academics, government officials and the press to focus on how technology will help enterprises and individuals succeed in East Africa.

If we have learnt anything from the previous year, it has been how fantastic the role of digital and cloud technologies has been for keeping vast numbers of people connected and businesses functioning. This is undeniable proof that to be a resilient business, you must embrace digital.

Organisational resiliency requires exceptional and scalable digital customer experiences that can adapt instantly to changing market, company, and customer conditions, and flex to sustain commercial relationships when traditional models are disrupted. With businesses and consumers facing challenging times, organisations need to be prepared to deal with exceptions at every turn, acting as a supportive partner to help ride out the impending economic disruption.

This level of operational resiliency led on by the digital transformation, is something that Little Cab and African E-development house have mastered. Utilising cutting edge technology with seamless services, the pair have managed to rebuild their revenues and profits, adapting to change and uncertainty as our societies respond to the pandemic, its aftermath and make plans to be better prepared for future impacts.

New ways of connecting, selling, and servicing will push companies to innovate and collaborate with a sense of urgency. And from this crisis, we will see fantastic new ideas that will help reinvigorate the economy and help to lay the path to prosperity.

Since the forum stargazes on transformation and the impact will have in the region, it is the overall purpose to make the workforce ready for the inevitable and constant change. This is an opportunity for CIOs, Heads of IT, Senior Level Managers, industry champions and partners from a wide range of industries to explore the most up-to-date insights, the know-how, the experiential and experimental solutions related but not limited to strategy, security, leadership and analytics demanded in the fast-changing corporate space.

Join The Year Ahead Forum to catch up with the findings of 2020 and learn about the trends and predictions of the start of the new decade 2021, government officials and the press to focus on how technology will help enterprises and individuals succeed in East Africa.

Register for the event“>here.

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