Liquid Telecom Revolutionises Cybersecurity With New Offering

As companies see an increase in cybersecurity threats, Liquid Telecom doubles down on securing businesses in Africa

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Liquid Telecom has unveiled its cybersecurity unit which offers end-to-end managed services for digital security solutions.

The offering is designed to protect customers at every intersection of their digitally transformed business including network, people, and systems, revolutionising how cybersecurity is approached.

“Although we’re unveiling the cybersecurity unit today, Liquid Telecom is not new to this space. We have successfully secured our own network for the past 15 years, and now through our strategic partnerships with Netskope, Logicalis, Microsoft, and Cyber Risk Aware we have curated the best solutions in the industry to address the changing demands of a digitally transformed business world. Allowing customers to focus on their core business offering while we manage their complete IT environment,” said David Behr, Group Chief Digital Officer, Liquid Telecom.

Cybersecurity is a real and imminent threat to businesses and their end-users, as highlighted by the survey commissioned in August 2020 by Liquid Telecom. IT decision-makers across Africa were asked for their insights on cybersecurity trends, with 57 per cent of those surveyed stating that they have seen an increase in threats over the COVID-19 pandemic period.

While many employees across the continent are returning to work, organisations are embracing a hybrid model of digital and onsite working. As such there are increasing concerns over the security of data, shadow IT, and the financial implications of a security breach.

Liquid Telecom has streamlined and strengthened its cybersecurity offerings into one unit to address these growing concerns. With decades of knowledge in this field and an eye on the future, the offering is designed to address the key concerns of IT decision-makers, by securing businesses effectively to increase productivity.

While many African companies already have some level of protection, this safeguard may not be designed to protect an organisation at every level of its operation. With 71% of the survey respondents confirming that they use cloud-based services, the need for a solution that secures the network, cloud, and desktop is becoming urgent. Separating the cloud, network and security not only puts businesses at increased risk but also increases expenditure.

Liquid Telecom releasing its end-to-end solution is not only well-timed but also covers all aspects of security working together seamlessly, decreasing the opportunity for breaches and risks. According to the research, 83 per cent of the respondents are putting an increased focus on cybersecurity this year.


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