Liquid Telecom releases IoT report 2017 during #IoTAS2017

Ben Roberts, Group CTIO, Liquid Telecom.

Liquid Telecom took the opportunity to release its Internet of Things report 2017 during the opening of the inaugural Africa IoT Summit.

The report was released by Ben Roberts, Group CTIO, Liquid Telecom highlights about IoT as a logical next step for an increasingly connected Africa. It takes in-depth look at the evolving role of IoT across Africa, looking at how it can support local businesses while also contributing to sustainability.

According to Roberts, the report identifies the IoT ecosystem as one that will not only render high hopes of transforming African businesses but shall in addition revolutionize how businesses and societies shall engage.

Among the key highlights of are as follows:-
  1. Learning about the industries and technologies leading the way with IoT across Africa,
  2. Insight on how IoT is creating a more safe and sustainable future for endangered animals,
  3. Analysis of the barriers to adoption across Africa and what the IoT ecosystem doing to bring them down

“Many African countries have already embarked on their IoT journey: intelligent traffic lights in Nairobi are helping to ease traffic congestion, load-limiting smart meters are helping to combat outages in South Africa, while unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are being used as part of conservation efforts in national parks,” Mr. Roberts added.

“IoT should be considered more than just a technology – it is rather an ecosystem of products and services at the heart of which is connectivity. Liquid Telecom is building Africa’s digital future by supporting African businesses with their IoT journey through the rollout of high-speed networks across the region.” He continued.

The Africa IoT, now in its second day, attracted over 100 IT experts from across the region. Microsoft, Hitachi Data Systems, Telkom Kenya and Footprint Africa Business Solutions (FABS) were among the summits prime sponsors of the premier Africa IoT Summit organized by CIO East Africa.

Hitachi has partnered with Reddington to secure lead sponsorship, Telkom Kenya – the country’s oldest telecommunications company which re-launched its brand from Orange to Telkom in June 2017 secured a Silver Sponsorship Title. Telkom Kenya  provided connectivity during the summit.

Laura Chite, CEO CIO East Africa said, “Internet of Things is far bigger than anyone realizes. By 2020 IoT statistics show that there will be 24 billion IoT devices connected and an investment of close USD 6 billion made towards IoT Solutions globally. This creates a bigger opportunity for organizations to invest in IoT to drive business agility.”


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