LinkedIn Launches New Updated Look With Stories And Video Chats

The Microsoft-owned social networking platform has already rolled out some of the features to a few countries and plans to make the new features available globally over the next few months.

Prepare for less blue in your LinkedIn.

The world’s premier business community platform has been given a fresh face and new updates. It has also announced the global rollout of LinkedIn Stories after trying it out in selected countries over the past five months.

New features such as Stories, video calling integration, an improved search experience, and the ability to edit messages as part of a fresh redesign. There will soon be a Dark Mode option, too. Four years after its last major redesign, LinkedIn said it was introducing new features that would allow for easier navigation and better user experience.

As explained by LinkedIn, “Two years ago, our brand evolved to better reflect LinkedIn’s community of members and organisations that come together to help, support, and inspire one another. Now, we’re bringing the next chapter of this brand evolution to life across our platform with an entirely new look and feel that embodies our diverse, inclusive, warm and welcoming community.”

LinkedIn Stories feature lets users share what’s happening in their professional life without worrying that the content would permanently be attached to their profiles, as the stories will last for 24 hours. This feature will only be rolling out to users in Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Netherlands, UAE, and the US for now, but will soon be expanded globally.

To post a Story, users can touch the circle with their photo on the LinkedIn app (similar to the Stories feature on Instagram), and then click on the plus sign on the top left corner to open the camera. They can click a photo or record a video directly from the app or upload it from the gallery. A video can be up to 20 seconds. Users can also choose to add text and stickers to accompany the Story. Just like Instagram, they can tag other users too.

Other notable features the Microsoft-owned platform introduced include the ability to edit and delete messages, react to a message or Story with an emoji, and select multiple conversations at a time to archive, delete, or mark them as read/unread. LinkedIn has also enhanced the way users can report inappropriate messages. You can also invite others to join an existing conversation while keeping the original conversation history private.

Additionally, the platform has gotten a cleaner new look. The new LinkedIn looks brighter, with a pastel-type colour scheme on a grey and white background – and less blue overall.

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