Linkedin Integrates Video Conferencing Services Into Its Messaging Platform

Microsoft owned LinkedIn, has recently released a new feature that will help professionals and industries to reach new audiences and each other than previously imagined.


Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we are all online more. Platforms like LinkedIn are critical in every way to keep the industries connected and going. Plus, such platforms are the lifeline to connecting, now that physical connections are no longer possible. LinkedIn, with this is mind, went ahead and created a new feature that allows the convenience of online meetings without jumping from tab to tab, or app to app.

LinkedIn have integrated Teams, Zoom and BlueJeans on their messaging platform, so that users can request a meeting from LinkedIn, and send a meeting link directly from LinkedIn. In a bid to keep up with the changing times, LinkedIn has taken a stride forward in enhancing communication for their users, but also incorporating an element of convenience.

Fundamental issues such as information flow, and engaging of one’s connections there and then, have now been eliminated. With the added element of convenience in LinkedIn’s new feature, there is no unnecessary time consumption, allowing for more opportunities to set up meetings.

Platforms such as Teams, Zoom and BlueJeans are digital heroes in the pandemic. Video calls have almost become a necessity as the world looks to maintain some normality. 

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