LG’s premium living spaces impresses at Innofest 2019

LG InnoFest 2019

The LG Electronics (LG) has unveiled its latest lineup of premium living space solutions at the eagerly awiated Innofest Middle East Africa and Africa (MEA) 2019.

Running for three days, the innovative showcase of the power of electronics in this era of digital transformation held in the metropolitan city of Seoul, South Korea on gave the LG partners, retailers and media from across the middle East Africa the opportunity to learn and experience about emerging revolutionary technologies as the firm peers in the years ahead.

For 2019, LG repositioned ists expansive product portfoloio as an integrated service that offers prremium solutions for enhanced living.  The showcase of innovations taking place at the LG’s Science PArk – the home of LG’s Reserach and Development initiatives was a beehive of activities as depicted by real-life benefits of the company’s latest innovations.

While commenting at Innofest, Dr. Hyeong Jeon, Research Fellow with a deep understanding of AI accumulated noted that with the help of the AI, overall efficiency of the corporate world will dramatically increase, so that people can focus on the more creative jobs, instead of the chores.

“The efficiency of the human being will be dramatically increased, so that they can do even the multiple jobs at the same time; many more jobs to do while saving time. People will in this regard gain more time from the AI, which they can use in a more useful area, like entertainment, leisure, and so on,” said Jeon.

Separately YoungNam Roh, Head of Kitchen Appliance Overseas Sales & Marketing Division at LG Electronics asserted that technology is progressing at a faster pace than ever and the force of the change is becoming even more powerful within the areas that people work, live and entertain themselves. “Today’s progress is no longer about creating a better life, instead it is the desire to create a better lifestyle for consumers that underpins our premium product philosophy,”said Roh.

With a focus to furnish the global market with enviable innovations, LG puposes to sustain the momentum of rolling out energy efficient and affordable premium product that would position the company as a technology innovator with a flair for convenience, design and style. 

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