LG revolutionizes viewing experience with OLED TV

LG General Manager marketing Moses Marji (Right) demonstrates the function of LG 4K OLED TV to a customer Edith Onyango (Left)

Even as the World Television Day is celebrated globally on 21st November every year, people constantly appreciate that television is moving into a radical new era, heralding the most exciting tele-visual developments of our lifetime with the cutting-edge TV designs.

Increasingly, viewers are taking charge of their own entertainment in their home with the emerging Intuitive Operability TVs.

OLED display is the latest development in fast moving TV technology and is arguably the most exciting invention by LG since the golden age of television 90 years ago.

Last year during CES 2016 was one of the most important events for LG with a strong showcasing of its design leadership on Television that proved to be the pinnacle of television technology. LG had on display a flexible concept OLED display so thin, at just 0.18mm, that it can be rolled up like a poster.

Whereas OLED display might not be the end of innovation for the giant electronic company -LG, LG OLED TV delivers immersive viewing  of any type of TV display today, thanks to its Infinite Contrast Ratio of the best deepest blacks of any current panel tech.

For instance, the stylish, ultra slim design of LG OLED TVs offers appreciable benefits to consumers where space is less of an issue. The OLED TV blends in seamlessly with any interior décor as well as enhancing Space saving.

The stunning picture quality of OLED allows the TV to look beautiful when in use and its streamlined design prevents it from becoming a distraction when turned off.

Moreover, the elegant designs of OLED TVs allow users to experience the maximum benefit of its widened viewing angles. The narrow viewing angles of traditional LCD TVs make it necessary to seat all viewers within a small “sweet spot” but LG OLED TV eliminates this problem, giving consumers more freedom to design their viewing areas as they see fit, regardless of the size and shape of the room.

But there are OLED benefits beyond that of complete viewing experience on TVs. OLED’s superior picture quality liked to Picture -on -Glass and flexibility make it the perfect display format for the future generation of smart devices.

The technology that powers OLED continues to improve with each passing day, meaning that OLED era is even closer than you think.

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