LG launches user-centric devices to transform security at home


LG has introduced user-centric devices, the LG Hub robot that will provide home security solutions.

The device which features motion sensors will be able to track the movement of people or pets and send notifications to users whenever someone enters the home.

“With the rise in demand of smart security solution, it is evident that the smart security concept is here to stay. That is why we are continually listening to our customers and coming up with products such as the Hub robot that respond to their needs,” said Moses Marji, LG East Africa Marketing Manager.

The HOM-BOT Turbo+ utilizes three cameras to scan the front, ceiling, and floor with its 51 sensors allowing it to remain highly aware of its environment at all times.

The Hom-BOT’s HomeView™ feature provides real-time home monitoring while its HomeGuard™ feature instantly alerts users of suspicious movements. The robot is also able to recognize faces and track movements within the house, adding another critical layer of security for homeowners.

As the concept of the smart home becomes more mainstream and the Internet of Things more prevalent, demand for smart security solutions will grow. “LG sees this as an opportunity to establish itself as a trendsetter in this space,” said Marji.

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