LG Re-Opens By Launching E-Showroom

LG step into the future with an e-shopping experience, the eShowroom.


In the last six months, LG, like pretty much any business, has seen a great shift in consumer behaviour across the Kenyan market. In particular, the COVID-19 pandemic has transformed the way businesses and customers interact.

As they reopen their doors for business, they have placed the highest priority on the safety of their customers and employees. In accordance with this new principle and to concurrently offer a worry-free environment for clients, they are unveiling their e-shopping platform, the LG e-Showroom, for the ultimate convenience and peace of mind for 73 per cent of their clientele.

“As a market leader, we have had to totally re-examine our customers’ needs and think creatively to ensure their expectations are met. The LG eShowroom was created to offer our customers an alternative solution for those with interest in purchasing LG products. We believe that this showroom will enable our customers to interact with our products prior to purchase,” said the LG East Africa Managing Director, Sa Nyoung Kim.

The LG eShowroom is a model demonstration of how brand shops will look like in the future. As customers seek convenience and safety, the e-showroom presents a simple-to-follow product walkthrough accompanied by user-friendly sales consultation.

Through the eShowroom, they will continue to spread technological innovation through their products to offer a world of convenience to their customers. More like a test drive! Just like their brand shops, the LG eShowroom will display a product lineup that you can experience with the use of touchscreens for displayed products.

“This is LG’s first e-showroom in the Middle East and Africa created to offer our current and prospective customers an alternative purchasing solution.”

He added, “It is our vision that this e-Showroom will provide our customers in Western Kenya – Kisumu, Kakamega, Kericho and surrounding areas – with the convenience to browse and purchase LG products,” he continues. He assured LG’s customers that they remain committed to providing them with the latest technology as they embrace IoT. “On behalf of the LG family, thank you for joining us on this auspicious occasion and we welcome your feedback as you interact with our e-Showroom,” Kim concludes.




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