LG enhances residential solar panels with two new models

The LG NeOn Ace 2

The demand for energy in the global grid continues to rise, more and more businesses are switching over to greener forms of energy.

Solar energy has the potential to be one of the leading sources of energy globally. It is naturally available and is the best alternative to the convectional hydro and coal sources which are not always reliable and may have a large ecological footprint.

According to the BP Statistical Review of World Energy, new installations totalling to more than 75 gigawatts of power took global solar PV power generating capacity to 301 GW by year-end(2016); a 33.2% increase compared to the end of 2015.

The technology that makes it possible to collect the sun’s energy is getting cheaper to produce, particularly due to new innovations in technology and willingness to invest in the research of new forms of green energy. Innovations such as transparent solar panels could turn skyscrapers into mammoth solar farms.

Many solar panels in the industry have two major weaknesses. During a cold or cloudy day, they will struggle to produce substantial amount of energy.  On the other hand, if the weather is hot and sunny, the increased temperature of the solar panel will affect energy production due to overheating.

The design of the new LG Neon R solar panel allows 100 percent of the cell area to be used for energy generation by keeping all the electrodes on the rear sides. The LG Neon R is rated at 365 Watts per panel; it is capable of generating about 26 percent more power than the conventional solar panel that is rated at 290 Watts.

For those who are nervous about installing solar panels in their home, LG’s Neon 2 Ace simplifies the installation process and cuts set-up time by half. By integrating the micro inverter, owners will only simply have to connect a cable rather than installing it separately.

Throughout the industry, cells within solar panels are typically connected with three or more busbars. These allow the flow of electrons between cells. However, the LG Neon 2 Ace uses new cello technology and replaces the busbars with 30 thin wires. This enhances reliability and usability.

“Based on our manufacturing knowhow, we are prepared to take on a pioneering role in technological development in order to support businesses and individuals for a sustainable future,” said Moses Marji, LG East Africa Marketing Manager.

New inventions in solar power will not only provide solutions to the fight against climate change, but also ensure a shift in the supply of global energy from fossil fuels to new innovative forms of clean energy such as solar power, geothermal, wind and ocean energy.

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