Leveraging AI To Curb The Coronavirus Pandemic

Join CIO East Africa's webinar, on 30th April 2020, to understand the delicate balance of leveraging AI to curb this coronavirus pandemic.

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CIO East Africa shall on Thursday 30th April 2020, host a free webinar to exploit how the use of artificial intelligence could be responsible to fight the coronavirus pandemic.

Themed; ‘How Artificial Intelligence is and can assist in curbing the coronavirus pandemic’, the webinar is slated at 3.00 PM East African Time.

Industry experts will speak at the webinar including Georgina M Odhiambo, Head Enterprise Services at National Bank of Kenya, and John Kamara, the Tech Entrepreneur (AI, Blockchain, IoT). 


While Georgina is competent in product development, evaluating current and future technologies such as RPA, Data and Analytics, Productivity Tools and Leading purchase planning for such to ensure they support both short and long-term IT initiatives, Kamara has experience in new markets and verticals across multiple sectors using smart technology to drive exponential growth in data-driven organizations.

The two will both get a chance to analyze the response, hitherto, to the growing pandemic as has been taken by different organizations and how leveraging AI in those responses is the salvage, to say the least.


AI and related technologies have been used for support in unique and innovative ways to enhance surveillance, monitoring, and detection capabilities of the coronavirus.

Earlier on in China for instance, as Reuters reported, authorities relied on facial recognition cameras to track a man from Hangzhou who had traveled to an affected area. Upon his return home, the local police traced and instructed him to self-quarantine or face repercussions.

In the United States, a surveillance company leverages its AI-enhanced thermal cameras to detect fevers, whereas, in Thailand, border officers at airports piloted a biometric screening system using fever-detecting cameras.

The application of AI has indeed played and will continue to play an important role in seizing the reins in this crisis, even safeguarding officers and medical practitioners from infections. It must, however, be noted that on its flip side, AI could just open a Pandora box and must, therefore, be explored with great caution.

Be part of this exciting conversation by clicking on the link below; https://www.bigmarker.com/cio-east-africa/Artificial-Intelligence-AI-for-Good


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