Let Your Data Be At Ease With Eset’s Comprehensive Protection

The cyber space has become central to online infrastructure. Data is the lifeline of this online infrastructure, it is crucial that organisations understand the role data plays, and how it can be protected as it evolves. #HerNovation


The constant growth and evolution of cyberspace shows us that it is a fully fledged electronic universe on its own. With interconnected networks in parallel with our physical environment, it is characterized by an enormous amount of data. The data in the digital world, is the currency. Therefore, the modern digital economy increasingly depends on vast quantities of data that are generated through financial transactions, communications, entertainment, travel, shopping, online browsing, and hundreds of other routine activities.

In the current environment, it is more important than ever, particularly for those organisations handling financial data, health information and other personally identifiable information, to understand the rights and obligations of individuals and organisations with respect to personal information.

The frequency and severity of cyber-attacks targeting data breaches has risen significantly in the last few years. The attacks are indeed increasing in volume and variety. This exponential growth of the cyber threat has been confirmed through an array of COVID-19 themed malware. Showing that the attack vectors are always sniffing for new opportunities to wreak havoc.

But there is another hard hitting player wreaking havoc, just this time, this player is wreaking havoc for the cyber threat actors. That player is Eset. The Cyber security company helps secure your computers and devices, protect your precious family pictures and data, or keep your company know-how safe. The securing of digital lives calls for advanced analytics and defense programs, Eset does just that, and more by forming the narrative that security programs are a key element of the ability to protect personal information and preserve privacy in cyberspace, with technical security being only one aspect of an overall risk management approach to cyber security and personal information protection.

It is no longer enough to simply be compliant with privacy requirements or technical security to the minimum extent possible. Protection of personal information requires giving effect to all privacy principles, and practicing privacy compliance throughout the lifespan of the information, something that Eset does effortlessly.

Eset has sponsored the upcoming HerNovation event. The event is positioned as a platform, or stepping stone for young women to assimilate themselves into the tech space. As the ecosystem of women in tech is steadily growing, there is still much work to do while we gauge the enormous and widespread impact of the 2020 events on populations and businesses. The push for diversity in organisations is now more pronounced.

And so, what’s in store for HerNovation 2020? For 2020, HerNovation is presenting a virtual forum with a remarkable difference. The invaluable sessions purposes to tackle the latest trends in the evolving IT leadership space, opportunities of innovating your career, as well as providing unique virtual networking opportunities.

Register for Hernovation here: https://cioea.glueup.com/event/hernovation-2020-29177/?pk_campaign=widget-event-list


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