Lenovo Reveals Really Simplified Google Assistant-Powered Smart Clock

The Smart Clock Essential displays the time, day, weather, and temperature. But, does not offer the kind of touch interaction that would be expected in a modern device from Lenovo.


Lenovo have released a new Google Assistant-powered alarm clock, the Smart Clock Essential. It’s an update to the Lenovo Smart Clock, which the company released last year.

What set the Lenovo Smart Clock apart, though, was that it didn’t try to do everything. It simply stood its ground as an alarm clock. It did not have any smart display options. It suggested alarms based on your schedule. You could smack the top to snooze and it would take it. The display gradually got brighter 30 minutes before your wakeup time to ease you into the day. Forward-thinking from the Lenovo technicians ensures that the clock does not result in eye strain headaches for users.

The Smart Clock Essential looks to be following that same vein — it’s clearly a regular clock but with Google Assistant, rather than a smart speaker or a smart display. It is a basic old thingamajig. Lenovo intends for the Essential to function as more of a multipurpose clock, and has moved the focus away from the bedroom features.

“Building on the Lenovo Smart Clock for the bedroom, the Lenovo Smart Clock Essential extends the same hands-free, time-saving convenience to the rest of the home, offering full voice support with Google Assistant,” said Lenovo in a press release.

There’s also a nightlight built into the back, which could be handy if you’re walking around your house at night, as well as a USB port for charging devices, and a 3W 1.5-inch speaker for playing tunes.

You can use the Clock Essential to do everything Google Assistant can do, including streaming playlists and podcasts, adding items to your shopping lists, making calls, and controlling compatible smart devices.

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