Legends meet up delivers insightful remarks from Aquinas Wasike


Hard work, focus, sacrifice and tenacity are the hallmarks of success. This was the message from Aquinas Wasike, a co-founder of LanTech, one of Kenyans most celebrated IT companies when he speaking as the first guest at the Legends, a series of talks with founders of IT companies that are at least 15 years old.  Curated by CIO East Africa and DEMO Africa and supported by the UK-Kenya TechHub, the Legends debuted on 3rd of October at the iHub, Nairobi.

With the theme of the series being, “the celebration of Kenyan business tech legends” the talks are aimed at sharing knowledge and providing insights on how some of the most successful companies started and went through the pains of growth. “There is a lot that up and coming techprenuers can learn from those who have beaten that road before,” said Harry Hare, the host of the talks and the Chairman of CIO East Africa. “This series is as result of the work we have been doing at both DEMO Africa and CIO East Africa,” Hare continued.

Mr. Aquinas Wasike was one of the founding partners of LanTech, one of the very first companies that deployed structured cabling in Kenya. He spoke in great detail, on how LanTech was conceived and the explosive growth the company experience just two years after formation. “We started LanTech with just Ksh 60,000,” said Wasike. “We took up space at Cannon House and had only one desk, but we had fun, we maxed on everything.” He continued. Alluding to the way in which, the transition from employment to entrepreneurship was not easy.

He then went on to describe how his journey in the Kenyan IT landscape has been rewarding, yet harsh. “The moment you think it’s the perfect timing, the market has moved and there is no opportunity” he noted, giving valuable insight on the progression of the Kenyan IT landscape, and how the paradigms will shift yet again.

The Legends seeks to create a platform to support tech entrepreneurship, bridging the old and the new and allowing the free sharing of knowledge, ideas and thoughts, for a robust technology ecosystem.

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