Leadership In The Digital Age

In this era of digital transformation, any business that isn’t genuinely digital in its leadership model isn’t going to survive.


With the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), the world is more than ever driven by devices and technology. This results into an ecosystem of unprecedented changes with an unpredictable and challenging future. In such a world, leadership plays the role of creating and showing the way forward amid transitions, disruptions, chaos and ambiguity.

Such leadership (digital), is about empowering others to lead and creating self-organized teams that optimise their day-to-day operations in times when technology has shattered the barriers and reduced the distances between industries, societies and places.

“The world is more interconnected than ever and leaders who understand the value of diversity, inclusion and open-mindedness can navigate the challenges of technological disruptions,” says Laura Chite, CEO CIO East Africa on digital leadership.

CIO East Africa shall on Tuesday the 21st April 2020, host a free webinar in a series, to align the leadership skill set needed for a digital age.

Themed; Leadership in the digital age, the webinar shall have presentations from renowned speakers and industry influencers like Professor Louis Fourie, the Deputy Vice Chancellor, Knowledge and Information Technology Services at Cape Peninsula University of Technology. Also speaking will be Laura Chite, CEO CIO East Africa among others.

To join in the free webinar, please register here;

The World Economic Forum’s article on ‘What Great Leadership Looks Like In The Digital Age’ notes that leaders need to empower their teams to work with autonomy and freedom, and to take decisions. Organisations need to create leaders at all levels by building participation and accountability. They need to learn from people working on the ground, take inputs and trust them. Every member of the team should be encouraged to contribute ideas, insights and knowledge for achieving shared goals.

“Leaders need to build an environment where people take ownership of things and are accountable. When people care about the tasks they are performing, and work with their heart and soul, great things are possible, reports,” the article says.

It further provides that the digital world is not only about technology, but people just as much and that leaders need to energize everyone and inspire them with an inclusive vision.

“People achieve great things when they are driven by a strong purpose and find work meaningful. When people know the why, they figure out the how,” reads part of the analysis article.

It’s no doubt that great leaders have the ability to decipher complexity and present simple steps towards achieving a task. Leadership needs to be vigilant and to create a long-term sustainable value proposition for all stakeholders to succeed in a digitally disruptive world.

To learn more about leading in a digital world, please join the free webinar by registering here.

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