Laura Chite Opens Day 2 Of The CIO100 Awards And Symposium

The role of technology in the business landscape cannot be overstated. In times like these, the very core of technology streamlines decision making processes. Hear what our CEO, Laura Chite had to say as she cut the ribbon for the second and final day of the Oscars for the IT industry. #CIOAwardsEA

Laura Chite, CEO of CIO East Africa.

The infusion of technology into every aspect of our life has been unprecedented. There was a time when the technologies of today were mere visions, now they are a reality.

We use technologies to exchange information, to clean our clothes, to prepare our meals and to get from one place to another. The idea behind digitisation and technology is that it is some grand arrival that will shake the core of the earth when it arrives.

Truth is, it is already here. Even everyday items like door locks, floor panels and furniture are technologies that we now take for granted and that seem less impressive to us than self-driving cars or 3D printing.

“Tech has surrounded and embraced us, it has created certainty amidst the uncertainty of our world.” explained Laura Chite, the CEO of CIO East Africa. “There has been an increase in spend of 5% from last year by senior management. There have also been a higher number of CIO’s moving to the CEO role by 3 points as compared to last year” Added Chite. This points to the fact that technology is becoming an intrinsic part of every industry, and as Chite said “the revolution is here.”

CIO East Africa has held 7 summits this year, with 60+ webinars, a reach of 10,000+, 140+ partners, over 250 speakers and moderators with a virtual production crew of 30. In the context of adapting and portraying agility, CIO East Africa has yet another hard hitting virtual forum that encapsulates the necessary conversations in a rapidly evolving landscape.

“Lets get ready for vibrant conversations” concluded Chite. The CIO100 Symposium and Awards are delivering on their promise of offering invaluable insights on the innovative tactics used by top tech people, and company’s, in today’s historically demanding environment. CIO100 holds a space for the narrative of the industry, telling its stories through technologies.

Why CIO100? To acknowledge excellence in the adoption and use of IT within organisations – all of them, small, large or midi, appreciating the brilliant minds building products that responded to business needs and objectives. Also, patting these achievers on the back. This has over the last decade, catalysed innovation.

The CIO100 Symposium and Awards will recogniserecognise excellence in the adoption and use of ICT, awarding both the organisation and the Chief Information Officer (CIO), or an equivalent in the organisation. The gala night will be unfolding tonight, on the the backdrop of Lake Naivasha at the Lake Naivasha Resort. All safety protocols will be observed.

To register for the gala night email our team:

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