Lato Yoghurt Applies Innovation Technology For Quality Products


In an effort to compete with other diary industries and attract regional markets, Pearl Diary Farms, the producers of Lato Milk and Yoghurt have stepped up innovation technology to their yoghurt products, through addition of two flavours; strawberry and vanilla.The revelation was made by Mr Amit Sagar, Pearl Diary Chief executive officer during the launch of the new yoghurt product in Kampala recently, which comes in sizes of 250gms, 500gms cups and 400gms pouch.

“This is the first Lato yoghurt product and we are excited to be expanding our variety in what we offer through continuous innovation. We are determined to provide healthy and tasty products for our customers and launch of yoghurts is another step towards that, Lato yoghurt is rich in protein and calcium”, said Sagar.

He said the yoghurt can be consumed at any time of the day as it’s a full nutritious meal for both children and adults, adding that the company will further expand this in future, to include more flavours and offerings to give their consumers best Lato experience. Mr. Amit further added that; Lato not only focuses on product production but is committed to create initiatives that positively impact the communities.

“With the launch of different flavoured yoghurts, we are creating employment to over 2,000 youths across the country. Uganda has a large youth population and, unfortunately, many of them are unemployed and struggle to find employment. According to Uganda Bureau of Statistics, Uganda has an unemployment rate of 9 per cent and many of those are youth. Through this initiative, we are aiding the closure of this gap through creating job opportunities for youths to work and earn some income”, he stressed.

During the launch, organizers said; with this programme, the youths will be provided with mobile vending cycles/tricycles and three wheelers mounted with insulated boxes or freezers to keep the Lato yoghurt at the right temperature, to give the best yogurt experience to the consumers. The youth who will be part of this program will be trained and coached by the Lato team to become businessmen, they will be vending retailers and make margin by selling the products to end consumers, they will also be trained on how to hygienically handle the products.

Lato Milk is brand of Pearl Diary Farms Ltd, the company’s manufacturing unit is based in Mbarara District of Uganda in the East Africa region. The intent of the setup was to help the local dairy farmers by generating a constant demand for milk in the region and educates them to adapt to cleaner and more hygienic milk production techniques to contribute towards the growth of dairy industry as a whole. The plant is engaged in processing liquid milk to various types of dairy products namely butter oil, ghee, skimmed milk powder, full cream milk powder and other dairy products.

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