Kytabu Playing Instrumental Role In Shift Towards Digital Learning

Through the COVID-19 pandemic, Kenya has been ushered into a space of digital learning that is carving out a new future for students. Kytabu aims to walk the digital learning journey with those students, and help them re-imagine themselves, as the tech landscape re-imagines itself.


Digital learning is fast becoming the bread and butter of today’s world. The very fundamental of how digital learning works, is knocking traditional teaching methods off the pedestal. As technology becomes increasingly fundamental in our daily lives, students  are on the verge of developing and retaining new skills so that they can succeed, redefining the meaning of success altogether.

Experts have coined a term for this tech-savvy knowledge: Digital literacy. Digital literacy may become the new buzzword in education as parents and educators alike work to help students prepare for a world that is increasingly online.

To many students and educators too, the new digital form of learning may seem like a daunting task. The perception that envelopes our education sector is that digital learning will not hit the mark, but ever since the COVID-19 virus landed on Kenyan soil, there has been no option but to adapt towards digital learning.

Kytabu may very well be the knights in shining armour for the education sector. They are here to establish a well oiled system of digital learning that incorporates effective, self directed learning from students. They are a Kenyan EdTech company working towards every African childs’ equitable and affordable access to digital learning resources. Using the established Kytabu platform, innovative mobile applications, learning management system and school management system, Kytabu has worked to create holistic community learning support using technology to bring teachers, parents, students and schools in the community together on one platform.

The Kytabu Software Suite, or Kytabu S3, is an online, cloud-based school software education suite that supports the African educational sector. Kytabu S3 is deployed in schools as an integrated school management system that supports a parents ‘and students’ mobile application and a teachers’ web interface. The platform supports online learning tools, content and platforms and helps secure online learning spaces. Current can adequately host about 400 schools and need fund to scale up.

Their mission is to create an enabling environment for students to access affordable and relevant resources conveniently to improve their educational experience and its applicability to the job market for the future of work. They are doing this by introducing a new delivery mechanism for learning resources on a digital platform powered by micropayments on mobile devices.

Affordability, accessibility, relevance and convenience are the company’s driving factors. This goes to show a niche they are attempting to fill in the market. That niche is resultant feedback, Kytabu’s variety of apps, give the student and teacher comprehensive and immediate feedback that will engaging students, sharpen their critical thinking skills, which are the basis for the development of analytic reasoning.

Kytabu have an assortment of apps for the development of students via digital platforms, the apps are; Kytabu App, Kytabu Parents App, Kytabu Teachers App, Kytabu Super School, Kytabu for Desktops. A primary sliver lining between all the apps is the fact that they are far more interactive and memorable than voluminous textbooks or one-sided lectures, they provide better context, a greater sense of perspective, and more engaging activities than traditional education methods. This allows students and teachers alike to better connect with the learning material.

This transition towards digital learning is transforming formal education and increasing learning opportunities. Digital learning is not only allowing students to access more and more information but also ensuring that the information in question is customizable and suited to their personal needs. The opportunity to help every student learn at the best pace and path for them is the most important benefit of digital learning.

Today, Kytabu offers a complete Education suite that includes a school management system tied to a teachers’, parents’ and students’ mobile application. The Kytabu mobile app is on the Google play store.

Learn more about Kytabu here:

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