Kwanza Tukule Signs Agreement With Dukaree

When the clock strikes 1 pm on a weekday, where do you usually get your lunch? Is it in a kibanda around the corner, a subsidised...


Kwanza Tukule Signs Agreement With Dukaree
Kwanza Tukule pre-prepare pulses and cereals for small scale food vendors.

When the clock strikes 1 pm on a weekday, where do you usually get your lunch?

Is it in a kibanda around the corner, a subsidised workplace cafeteria, or a homemade packed lunch? Well, did you know that street food stalls and vendors feed 84 per cent of the Kenyan informal working population? People who have since adopted fast, cashless transactions.

This is why the partnership between Kwanza Tukule Foods, a B2B cashless, mobile-based business that uses technology to create a more streamlined supply chain for the street food industry; and Dukaree, an omnichannel platform that connects the dots in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) sales ecosystem, makes for good news.

Dukaree’s extensive one-of-a-kind network connects all the key FMCG industry players inside a single system to solve FMCG’s unique challenges that include e-Commerce especially considering the exponential growth happening thanks to COVID-19 times, AI and Big Data just to name a few. Dukaree’s contribution will improve operational efficiency, help Kwanza Tukule identify new opportunities as well as manage the complexities of a supply chain.


Speaking on the partnership, Kwanza Tukule Foods CEO Khadijah Mohammed-Churchill said it would allow “the company to reach customers all over the country.” Kwanza Tukule Foods are currently serving over 3,000 small scale food vendors in Nairobi.

Far left: Ali Amour, Chief Commercial Officer, Dukaree Centre; Khadija Mohamed-Churchil, CEO, Kwanza Tukule; Far-right; Faraj Mansur, Co-Founder & CEO, Dukaree.

They do this by using technology to amplify the experience at the duka level and enable access to affordable credit. “We are excited about this collaboration as it brings together two organisations with a similar vision for the FMCG Ecosystem in Africa,” she said.

With this marriage, Kwanza Tukule will be able to place orders directly to manufacturers and distributors through Dukaree’s app, track and manage their inventory, sales and revenue, and assist with deliveries and logistics.

Their pre-prepared staple foods are distributed to street food vendors, nourishing them with healthy and nutritious. That is not the only green aspect of Kwanza Tukule. They make it a point to use renewable energy and ensure that the foods are prepared hygienically.


By providing socially empowering food supply services to thousands, they transform livelihoods and empower the BoT (Bottom of the Pyramid) retail ecosystem by going after the large numbers in a huge market. This expands not just Kwanza Tukule’s capacity, but their vision too. The union with Dukaree will help Kwanza Tukule to scale at a faster rate seeing how they are both focused on bettering the lives of their customers in emerging markets.

“This collaboration intends to solve real-world practical problems by bringing our innovative technology to the grassroots, and bring much-needed esupply chain solutions to the FMCG sector in Africa,” said Faraj Mansur, Co-Founder and CEO of Dukaree.

As a leader for the next-generation of esupply chain ecosystems in the FMCG Sector, Dukaree works closely with the entire industry value chain to bring next-gen technology solutions to the sector. With their virtual presence in 70+ manufacturers and 50k+ retail outlets, Dukaree provides mobile applications and financial inclusion solutions to the ecosystem. This allows a seamless, consistent merchant experience in this fragmented market.






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