KRA Launches M-Service App, Furthering The Notion Of Digitisation

Already at 110,000 downloads, the KRA M-Service app is pipped to be the platform that provides KRA services with a cutting digital edge. With a customer centric approach and an interactive user face, the app sets out to be a member of the essential apps needed by the modern Kenyan.


Kenya Revenue Authority has launched their M-Service app with fresh updates and a new look rollout. The launch of the mobile application is meant to allow taxpayers to access various services offered by KRA, in a manner that is convenient and easy to use. As far as convenience goes, the app is incentivising itself as an on-the-go system with a with special attention to taxpayers who may not be entirely familiar with technological interfaces.

Caxston Masudi, the Deputy Commissioner Policy and Tax Advisory at KRA outlined how automation is driving forward business processes, and that it is playing a vital role in re-opening the economy in wake of the pandemic. KRA is taking on an innovating approach, not just with the app, but by shifting their focus to customer centricity. Through this, the app has been developed with particular features that allow users to interact with the KRA, breaking barriers and functionalities that were previously not possible.

Caxton Masudi, Deputy Commissioner Policy and Tax Advisory, Domestic Taxes

This is not the first time the KRA have turned to technology to help further their prospects. In 2014, KRA launched Itax. It is a system that was developed to improve on efficiency. But now, the app comes in and fills the plugs Itax could not. It allows Kenyans to register for taxes online, declaring and paying turn over tax and even verifying all KRA services.

Additionally, it allows processes on domestic tax and it allows applying for pin numbers and certificates. Previously, using the Tax system, the web interface would not allow so many processes at the same time, whilst also ensuring convenience. The app also allows users to register their properties, file for tax compliance certificates, and filing of nil returns.

Due to the fact that the driving force behind the app is convenience, there will be a Kiswahili version of the app launching soon, allowing users to access the app in their preferred language. As far as easy tax processes go, the user interface of the app is designed to be very intuitive and interactive.

The app is available on the google play store, and will be coming out on the apple app store early next year.

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