Kenyan Start Up Accelerating The Adoption Of AI Applications

Will robots and AI take our jobs in COVID-19's socially distanced era? No. But AI is definitely becoming seamlessly integrated into our everyday lives, augmenting our knowledge in spaces we previously thought were not possible. Read on to find out about how a Kenyan start up has set out to accelerate the adoption of AI in Africa.


Artificial Intelligence (AI), is often portrayed in movies as that one evil robot preparing to take over the world. In reality, AI has already taken over the world, but in a sense that is wildly different than in the movies. It has enhanced our capabilities in driving, avoiding traffic, finding friends, choosing the perfect movie, even cooking a healthier meal.

Thus, AI’s far reaching implications have had a significant impact on many aspects of society and industry, ranging from scientific discovery, healthcare and medical diagnostics to smart cities, transport and sustainability.

According to the Government Artificial Intelligence Readiness Index 2019, a research conducted by Oxford Insights and the International Development Research Centre, lack of systemic study on artificial intelligence and associated scarcity of contextual data on Africa are significant challenges to the progress of AI applications in Africa.

Ideally, this is a playing space that Fastagger has entered. Fastagger is a platform that provides image annotation services to AI-driven companies. Their goal is to accelerate AI applications by providing access to high-quality data enhanced by human interaction.

We help companies doing AI save time, noting that it would take 10,000 hours for a small startup team of 10 people to label 1 million images required for their deep learning model. The company’s clients have access to better data for their training models through our carefully managed image annotation services. Meaning that the end users are not left out of the process, and are in fact integrated from the very start.

The startup’s AlaaS platform provides image annotation services to AI-driven businesses across multiple sectors, including healthcare, energy, financial services, industrial and agriculture. Fastagger was among the ten African startups selected for the 2020 cohort of the Africa4Future aerospace acceleration program by Airbus and GIZ, and implemented by CCHub.

“We are democratising artificial intelligence and connecting the millions of unemployed youth to the vast market of data labelling for AI projects.” Averred Mr. Mutembei Kariuki, the Cofounder and CEO of Fastagger. “The essential new findings that we are having, is that there is so much of need from diverse groups of AI enthusiasts, researchers across the world who are willing and able to create solutions for the worlds, and Africa’s problems using AI.” continued Kariuki.

He gave rise to how the utilisation of AI is critical for the industries to flourish especially as flexibility and dynamism become bread and butter for digital success.







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