Kenyan Businesswoman Emerges As The Winner In a Jack Ma Foundation’s Contest

Kenyan entrepreneur and businesswoman, Chebet Lesan was among the 10 finalists of Africa’s Business Heroes, a competition organized by the Jack Ma Foundation to identify and recognize the continent’s top entrepreneurs. Now, she has just emerged as the winner, beating 22,000 other Africans and going home with 33M. Not only that, but she will also receive mentorship from the Jack Ma Foundation.


Chebet Lesan has scooped up the pole position for the second edition of Jack Ma Foundation led, Africa Business Heroes awards. The vision behind the awards is to identify, spotlight and support African entrepreneur heroes that creating an impact in their communities and building a more inclusive economy for the future.

Lesan is the founder of Kenya-based BrightGreen Renewable Energy. The company has taken considerable strides towards environmental conservation, playing a part in ensuring that deforestation does not continue to plague natural resources. The company creates life-saving fuel bricks that reduces the cost of cooking. Lesan has taken up the mantle in sustainably revolutionising kitchens across Africa.

BrightGreen believe that technology and business anchored in local culture, result in transformative, life changing, scalable solutions. Through this thinking process, the company is saving lives, by saving forests.

They design simple, cost-effective, easy to adopt cooking fuels for the world’s most vulnerable families, reducing the carbon footprint of cooking wood fuels. Their solution is an eco-friendly alternative, that is independent of tree-cutting. This in turn adds value to food supply chains.

The 2020 Africa’s Business Heroes (ABH) prize competition is a program of ANPI.

“We thank all friends, families and supporters of BrightGreen who tweeted and reached out to all their connections to help us. Thank you to all the influencers who used their platforms to express their support for us. We’re honoured,” concluded Lesan.

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