Kenya’s taxi hailing app drivers go on strike

Kenya taxi hailing apps

Kenya’s major taxi hailing app drivers and partners downed their tools on Monday, 11/9/2017 citing  price differences which makes them work for long hours only to get nothing.

Uber, Little, Taxify and MondoRide drivers and partners said the strike was prompted by the improper management of their service providers with their services not to be availed until further notice.

“We are differing on pricing, because the prices are just not fare. The service providers commission is still high but they keep lowering the fares to accommodate customers.” – David Mutheru, Chairman, Digital Taxi Association of Kenya

When asked about the impending strike, the chair stated that they will be presenting the companies with a proposal which will determine the duration of the strike, but was keen to say the strike would continue indefinitely if their terms are not met.

“There are no factors to reduce the prices, the proposal states that Ksh 45/- per Km, Ksh 3/- per min and minimum charge Ksh 300/- cutting across the board on all the four apps. This would also be in terms of all the entry apps to the market, signed agreements from the owners that going forward no other app that is coming to the Kenyan market can come with what is not negotiated. There will be no fare reduction beyond that,” Mr. Muteru added.


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