Kaspersky Registers Growing Interest Of Phishing And Scamming On Playstation 5

As the PS5 becomes available for pre-order, there has been a record interest in the gaming platform by cyber criminals.


Kaspersky experts have recently detected a growing interest among phishers and scammers in the popular game console PlayStation, the new version of which is going to be launched in November.

In the period of July – September 2020, there was discovered almost 150 suspicious web resources around the world with the word ‘playstation’ in their names. So far in September alone, Kaspersky experts found more than 60 such sites. However, in reality there may be a lot more.

The phishing websites were mainly offering the chance to pre-order PlayStation 5 by leaving a prepayment or personal information. On some sites it was supposedly even possible to purchase a console at a reduced price. There were also resources where the previous version of the console – PlayStation 4 – was on offer for much lower prices, with the major discounts attributed to the release of PS5.

“We want to remind users that if something looks too good to be true on the Internet, then it’s most probably a scam. Sales and pre-order messages are worth checking with reliable sources. You should not follow links in suspicious emails or messages sent via messaging services or social networks. It’s also a good idea to install a security solution with up-to-date databases of phishing and spam resources”, comments Tatyana Sidorina, Lead Web Content Analyst at Kaspersky.


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