Kaspersky Lab experts to help in the promotion of Kids online safety


Parents are naturally very busy – juggling work, life and looking after their families, with a key focus on making sure their family and children are safe at all times. However, in today’s connected and digital world, when it comes to keeping children safe online, it can be a very difficult task.

Kaspersky Lab is aware of the problems that parents may encounter in this regard and in light of this, is launching an email address that parents and guardians can send their questions to for feedback, to ensure the safety of their children online, for a period of one month (01st – 31st August 2017).

A survey conducted by Kaspersky Lab and B2B International shows that one in three parents feel that they are not able to control what their child sees, and does, online. Even with parental control tools in place, adults often don’t know how to react to specific online behaviour by their children. Many parents are finding this phenomenon a major parenting challenge – one that they need some guidance and professional technical support on.

With this in mind, Kaspersky Lab has embarked on this local campaign, offering the opportunity for any concerned parent/guardian, who has a question(s) related to kids safety online, from a technology perspective, to get access to the experts – all of whom form part of the Kaspersky Lab Safe Kids team. This team is available to anyone looking for feedback and expert technology opinion (free of charge).

Says Konstantin Ignatev, Acting Head of Content Analysis & Research, Kaspersky Lab: “Today, children are not only exposed to a lot more as a result of technology, but it is also difficult for parents to keep up, as technology constantly evolves. It is with this very real reality in mind that we are hoping to provide some assistance, based on our own research and learnings, to any parent out there, who may have specific technology questions that they need some guidance on, when it comes to protecting children online.”

Anyone can email their question(s), and a dedicated Kaspersky Lab expert will provide as much support and advice as possible when it comes to the topic of kids technology and online safety. This feedback will be based on the experience and research Kaspersky Lab undertakes globally daily, around this topic. Should there be an instance where the question requires professional feedback, where Kaspersky Lab are not able to provide such feedback, the brand will provide a resource where such information can be sourced.

“Our experts will be available to answer questions up until the end of August 2017. We welcome your questions and hope that as many parents as possible will take advantage of this opportunity to gain extra support and guidance, in dealing with the difficult task of protecting children online today and understanding what resources are available to them,” concludes Ignatev.

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