Kaspersky cloud protection keeps devices connected and safe


Connected devices are becoming essential to keeping people in contact with each other, but for many, they are also a much-needed comfort blanket in a variety of social situations when they do not want to interact with others.

Kaspersky Lab’s recent survey confirms this trend in behaviour after a 75% of the respondents aligning to the use of a device to pretend to be busy when not in the mood of speaking to someone else. This shows how important it is to keep connected devices always protected.

“The reliance on connected devices is impacting us in more ways than we could have ever expected. There is no doubt that being connected gives us the freedom to make modern life easier, but devices are also vital to help people get through different and difficult social situations. No matter what your connection crutch is, it is essential to make sure your device is online and available when you need it most.” Dmitry Aleshin, VP for Product Marketing, Kaspersky Lab

Picture this, sitting in a bar waiting for your date, the bar is busy, and people are chatting all around you. What do you do? Strike up a conversation with someone you don’t know or maybe just grab your connected device to keep you busy? Truth is, using devices has made it easier to avoid small talks or even be polite to those around us.

New Kaspersky Lab research has found out that 72% of people use devices when they do not know what to do in a social situation. They are also the ‘go-to’ distraction for people even when they aren’t trying to look busy or avoid someone’s eye. 46% admit to using a device to kill time every day while 44% use it as a daily distraction.

In addition to being a distractor, devices are also a lifeline for completing essential tasks for people who would rather not talk directly to others in day-to-day situations. In fact, nearly 31% of people prefer carrying out tasks such as ordering a taxi or finding directions to where they need to go via a website and an app. It is easier experience than speaking to other people.

Whether for avoiding direct contact or filling a void in our daily lives, the constant reliance on devices has become a cause for panic when the devices become unusable. A 34% of people worry that they will not be able to entertain themselves if they cannot access a connected device and 12% are concerned that they won’t be able to pretend to be busy if their device is out of action.

To ensure that devices are always in top health all the time and regardless of the physical areas, Kaspersky Security Cloud keeps connection safe and secure. It ensures devices are protected against network threats, even over insecure public Wi-Fi hotspots. This is done through transferring data via an encrypted channel to ensure personal data safety, so users’ devices are protected on any connection.

It allows users to track their battery levels, thanks to a countdown of how many minutes are left until device shuts down in the Kaspersky Security Cloud interface. There is also a wide-range of portable power supplies available to keep device batteries charged while on-the-go.

In the event of a lost device, Kaspersky Security Cloud can track and protect the device from data breaches, giving a complete peace of mind. Remote lock and locate features ensure the device remains secure until recovery.



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