It is time for Africa to domesticate solutions


Africa shouldn’t rely on abroad based cyber-security statistics in abroad to determine its progressive destiny says William Makatiani, CEO, Serianu Limited.

According to Makatiani, the findings of the Africa Cyber Security Report 2017, which Serianu is slated to launch early next month, African countries have no option but to interrogate their status deeper.

The 2017 report focusses on addressing the cyber security for an organization. To analyze this situation, Serianu engaged over 700 business professionals from various business settings in 10 countries across Africa.

To achieve this process, Serianu will cross-examined the companies’ annual expenditure on Cyber security. The findings from this survey shockingly suggest that many businesses, especially SMEs, are struggling to put in place basic cyber security structures. More than 95 percent of African organisations in private and public sectors are either operating on the “Security Poverty Line” or below.

Most of these organisations spend a maximum of USD 1,500 annually on cyber security. Mr. Makatiani will discuss these findings in detail during the conference.

The afternoon session is largely bound to be hands-on as it will focus on the latest attack techniques and building a defense strategy around them. Interestingly, the demo sessions have been designed to cover both the cyber red and cyber blue team in the digital space that has become one of a growing challenge between adversarial attack and hunt teaming.

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