IoT set to go mainstream in South Africa as barriers to entry fall

Internet of Things

The key barriers to entry in the IoT space – battery power and cost – have fallen away with the arrival of Thingstream in South Africa.

Thingstream delivers out-of-the-box IoT connectivity solution that leverages the globally-available GSM network to offer immediate, global IoT connectivity is expanding into South Africa via a local partner network.

“While machine to machine (M2M) solutions have been in use in some sectors in South Africa for several years, many industries and small- to mid-sized businesses have not been able to harness the potential of IoT due to data costs, complexity, and critically – the battery power required to run the devices,” said Neil Hamilton, VP for Business Development of international low power IoT specialists Thingstream.

By 2025, more than 100 billion Internet of Things connected devices are predicted to be live, generating an overall revenue of close to $10 trillion.

“This unprecedented growth looks poised to continue globally over the next few years with Africa moving quickly to leapfrog legacy technologies and capitalise on IoT’s potential too,” added Hamilton.

Sectors showing particular interest include vehicle tracking firms looking to update and reduce the cost of their existing systems; the manufacturing sector; and supply chain and logistics firms seeking enhanced security and more efficient supply chain and asset management.

According to IDC, the Middle East and Africa (MEA) IoT market is set to grow 15% year on year, reaching $6.99 billion in 2018 and $12.62 billion by 2021, led by the manufacturing, transportation, and utilities industries.

“Everyone is excited about the business innovation low-power, low-cost IoT can enable, and Thingstream is now providing this revolutionary boxed connectivity to enable businesses to deploy more IoT devices, faster and more cost effectively,” he says.

Thingstream, building on parent company Myriad Group’s legacy of USSD expertise, harnesses the ubiquitous GSM network to deliver simple and secure IoT connectivity with international coverage and mobility, even in areas and sectors lacking internet connectivity.

With out-of-the-box coverage in South Africa, no cross-border roaming costs and a fixed monthly cost as low as only $1 for 10,000 IoT messages, Thingstream makes IoT available to any size business.

Thingstream is introducing a secure IoT connectivity in Africa at a timely era as IoT is gaining precedence in Africa, CIO East Africa has joined the IoT bandwagon with an upcoming IoT and AI summit in August 16th and 17th to ensure the transformation is also included in Kenya ushering in a new era of how companies run their operations and engage
with customers.

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